“Dear diary,

I meant to write sooner but I have a good excuse. It was there all along. Staring at me. Watching me. Guiding my every step. I just didn’t know it at the time. Now I finally found it.
I was lost. It was the millionth time I got lost in the crowded streets of the Parisian labyrinth. I walked aimlessly. Captured by perfumes, clothes and magic.
There is something indecipherable about this city. It awoke in me a profound desire to create. To enter the world of fashion. A desire to forge the very best version of myself. I believe you will understand me. I know you will, once you see it.
I took that something which inhabited my soul. That something which hid deep inside me. I carved out the core of my being and gave it to you in the finest way I could.
I made it across that gap, that distance between where I was and where I wanted to be.
I intertwined the threads of destiny, the girl writing this and that other wiser version of myself. I needed a certain kind of WISDOM in my life. So, I created it.
Wisdom is our greatest quality. Knowing how to choose the perfect leather and the masterful craftsman. Since you are unique, mesmerizing and outstanding, then Wisdom must be too. It is the one thing you will always have with you, making you special, distinguishable from everyone else. Never to be lost!
Once you have it, it becomes a part of you, an extension.

I created my Wisdom.
Now, it’s your turn.”